Justin Bieber: Christina Aguilera Tells Him To Not Let People Push Him Around

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Justin Bieber performing on stage.

Who better to give Justin Bieber advice than Christina Aguilera?

Starting out in the music business at a young age like the Biebs, Christina knows exactly what Justin's going through right now during his "rough patch" and has even offered him some advice.

In a recent interview with Hollyscoop.com, X-Tina told JB to toughen up and to take a break too!

"You learn as you get older to take moments for yourself, step away from the camera, re-inspire yourself as an artist, rejuvenate and refresh," she said.

Like Justin, Christina has always had to deal with media bashing and paparazzi too. She was ALWAYS compared to Britney Spears and her weight and body image has had the spotlight on it like crazy! (See Chrstina's recent weight loss HERE!)

Bieber made headlines a few weeks ago when he showed up late to his London concert and threatened to beat up a British photographer outside his hotel, making many wonder if he's going through a tough time or if he's just plain crazy!

"I would tell Bieber, don't let anything morph you or push you around or have you be something you're not...I've always been really honest and true to my own roots and been really grounded, not letting myself stray too much," Christina continued.

PERFECT advice! Do you think Bieber will take it? It seems like he's already starting to toughen up!

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