One Direction Fans Denied Meet and Greet? What Happened?

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A One Direction meet and greet fail? Find out what happened.

One Direction.Imagine winning an amazing meet and greet session with One Direction...then imagine being told there was a mistake. There is no meet and greet.

So much excitement--followed by disappointment.

That's exactly what happened to two Directioners, who believed they had won a 1D meet and greet prize from a local radio station.

Seems the station made a little mistake and clarified that it was only tickets to the One Direction concert and not the opportunity to meet them.

Despite clearing up the miscommunication, the damage had already been done.

Also, the girls said the concert seats weren't even that good and they had to pay airfare to get to the show as well as fork over money for a hotel stay.

Hannah Hastings was under the impression that they had won a meet and greet from Radio 1, as she explained to The Mirror, "We were so excited when we won--we are both massive fans of the band and especially Harry Styles. We heard the competition for tickets being advertised on Radio 1 so I phoned up and got through."

She added, "It was specifically stated by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney that the prize offered the opportunity to meet and greet the One Direction boys themselves."

Hannah said she answered questions about "which cities in Britain One Direction were playing. But the seats were nothing special at all and we were a long way from the front."

Overall, she was really disappointed, saying, "I really thought I'd won something special."

The radio station apologized for the misunderstanding, with a BBC spokesperson explaining, "The error in which a Radio 1 DJ mistakenly referred to the prize as a "meet and greet" was corrected on air and the nature of the prize was clearly communicated throughout the day.The winners of the competition were told in advance that a meet and greet was not part of this prize."

According to the spokesperson, "They confirmed that they were still very happy to have the prize of the sold out One Direction concert tickets for them and their friends and chose to attend the concert.

The radio station did try and cheer the girls up, offering "the winner to receive personalized signed merchandise from the band."

Not exactly a meet and greet, is it?



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