'Teen Mom' Star Farah Abraham Facing Multiple Charges After DUI Arrest

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is facing multiple counts stemming from her March 18 DUI arrest. Well, it looks like DUI isn't the only charge that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is facing after her March 18 arrest.

In addition to first degree DUI, Farrah is also being charged with refusing a breathalyzer and disorderly conduct.

After Farrah almost hit a police cruiser, she was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving...and that's when things really got out of control.

According to the police report, before officers could get handcuffs on the inebriated reality star, she attempted to walk away from them.

What's more, when she was put into the back of a police car, she began "banging her head against the window while yelling and screaming."

It also took awhile for them to get a blood alcohol reading on Ms. Abraham because every time officers tried to administer the test, Farrah bit the breathalyzer, preventing them from obtaining a sufficient sample.

After numerous efforts, Farrah's blood alcohol level was determined to be .147, which is nearly twice the legal limit in Nebraska.

(Following the arrest, Cambio contacted Farrah's camp for comment, and we were told that she's not doing any "free" interviews at this time.)

Are you surprised by Farrah's behavior?



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