'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 4, Episode 17 Recap: 'Because the Night'

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Elena bites the Big Apple and ditches Damon, while Caroline opens the door to a whole lotta evil.
The Vampire Diaries fact of the day: Nothing looks bad on Damon Salvatore, not even 1977.

In some delicious flashbacks while guiding Elena on an all-you-can-eat tour of New York City, we see the Stefan's elder brother owning the punk era.

He's brought Elena to the Big Apple for several reasons: (1) To secretly look for leads to Katherine at his old buddy Will's club, (2) let Elena sample the local flavors, like hot dog...vendors, and (3) offer viewers a window into his and Lexi's surprising backstory.

While Stefan's BFF believed she was turning back on Damon's humanity switch--falling for him in the process--he was actually playing her along. And it turns out Elena is doing exactly the same thing to him.

And also rocking some adorable new magenta highlights! She takes her girl power one step further, buddying up to Rebeka, ditching Damon (broken neck courtesy of her new blond bestie) and stealing both his car and his list of Katherine's last known haunts.

Karma really is a bitch.

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus also finds himself on the receiving end of karma and a white oak stake. The only reason he survives is because Silas-as-Shane leaves just half of it inside him. Owwww.

That can't hurt half as much as Bonnie, who's been brainwashed and learning for the first time all over again what happened to Jeremy. Oh yeah, and to prevent witchy Asia from stabbing her friend, Caroline stabbed her--causing all the other witches with whom she was linked to drop dead.

Thus, Silas' triangle is complete, opening the door for every supe to walk on out and enjoy the biggest rager the mortal world has ever seen. (This will totally put Elena's keg party to shame. How embarrassing.) As if Caroline didn't feel guilty enough about taking out a dozen innocents!

If only the Scooby gang could ask the Winchester brothers to help out--they definitely have more experience opening the gates of hell and whatnot. Supernatural-Vampire Diaries crossover? So much awesome--unless the hunters kill the entire TVD cast.


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