Why Kris Humphries Ditched Kim Kardashian's Divorce Deposition

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Kris Humphries fought hard to be able to attend Kim Kardashian's divorce deposition...so why didn't he show? Kris Humphries really wanted to be at Kim Kardashian's divorce deposition.

In fact, his lawyer fought hard for his right to look Kim in the eye and listen as she testified under oath about their brief marriage.

The nine-hour marathon session took place on Tuesday, with Kris' attorney Lee Hutton questioning Kim about everything from whether or not the marriage was real to which tabloids she regularly leaks information to.

Surprisingly, after Kris went to battle to be able to attend the interrogation event, he was a no-show on the big day.

Apparently, Kris just decided he didn't want to miss basketball practice that day.

Also, his team was traveling to Michigan later that night for a Wednesday morning game, so he ultimately opted out of attending the deposition...which probably made Kim pretty happy.

The divorce trial is set to begin May 6th and something tells us Kris will choose actual court over a basketball one on that day!



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