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Justin Bieber's birthday party a few weeks ago WAS chaotic and now we can actually see it for ourselves!

Thanks to @Dishaki who was at his b-party at the club that night, proof that JB's birthday was "the worst ever" has been released for all to see.

With many rushing to get in the doors to get a glance of Bieber, the video shows how crazy the situation actually was that night.

If you don't recall, Justin had to cancel his party at a London club after his entourage and the club's security reportedly didn't agree on things. There were reports Justin's underage friends couldn't get in the club so he got mad but from the new video, it's easy to see that things were too unsafe like Bieber said.

Justin tweeted that he had the "worst birthday" and later went to Instagram to explain his frustration. "I said my 'worst bday' but that was due to dummies pushing over my fans and being overly aggressive," he posted.

Check out the video shot by @Dishaki from Justin's birthday party below! Do you think it was too chaotic to have a party?

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