Jonas Brothers "Pom Poms" Preview: Listen Now! "Pom Poms" Lyrics

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Listen to the Jonas Brothers "Pom Poms" and check out the lyrics.

Listen Jonas Brothers Pom Poms lyrics

Listen to the Jonas Brothers "Pom Poms" preview for the first single off their highly anticipated upcoming album.

The Jonas "Pom Poms" preview was released on, where the single is available for pre-order.

Ooh--we like what we hear so far!

"Pom Poms" comes out on April 9,'s not long now, Jonas fans.

Check out some of the "Pom Poms" lyrics (anyone else dying to see the "Pom Poms" music video now?):

Just to see how you get down
Feels like an earthquake
Every time you come around

Here 'em sayin' yeah
Every time feels like a revival
So get up
Right now
We're comin' for the title

Oh I love it when you hands are free
Baby put your pom poms down for me

How do you like the Jonas Brothers song Pom Poms?
LOVE it. Can't wait to hear the full song!2935 (80.9%)
It's okay.525 (14.5%)
Not a fan.166 (4.6%)

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