Why Won't Kim Kardashian Wear Maternity Clothes?

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Kim Kardashian has admitted she dresses for Kanye West...maybe that's why her pregnant fashion style is so sexy!
Kim Kardashian is almost halfway though her pregnancy and she's yet to step out in anything that even remotely resembles maternity wear.

Since Kanye West announced that he and Kim were expecting, the 32-year-old E! reality star has been seen in everything from tight leather skirts and super short dresses (complete with sexy cutouts) to a sheer bodysuit that...well, didn't leave much to the imagination.

And Kim's not going to let a little thing like a baby bump stop her from wearing sky-high heels, which have provided the finishing touch for all of her maternity ensembles.

Considering stilettos aren't exactly comfortable to begin with, adding a baby bump and 65 additional pregnancy pounds to the mix must leave Kim with some seriously sore (and swollen!) feet.

Now, we know that Kim has said she dresses more for Kanye than she does for herself, but doesn't there come a time when maternity wear just makes more sense?

We're also well-aware that Kim is worried about her weight, so she might think that her fashion choices will help take the attention off of her figure.

Either way, Kim K. is definitely choosing form over function for the time being.

Do you like Kim's pregnancy style or do you think she should start shopping in the maternity section?



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