Harry Styles Underwear Pic: Gold Thong Throwback Photo Explained!

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Um...why is Harry Styles wearing a gold thong?

Old Harry Styles pic of him in a gold thong. Have you seen the Harry Styles gold thong pic yet? We have to say it's one of the wildest throwback photos of the One Direction guys we've seen yet.

Stranger than Harry sporting the golden thong? He's wearing it while ironing his boxer shorts underwear!


Harry was snapped in the pic when he was 16 years old during his time on The X Factor in 2010.

What's the story behind the thong action?

Harry told The Mirror at the time (via DigitalSpy), "My favorite party trick is to wear nothing but a gold thong in the house."

He added, "My friend bought it for me for my birthday. The Belle Amie girls say I prance around the house in it. I'd say it's more of a slow, gentle stroll."

We're kind of hoping Harry has since retired the gold thong underwear trick now.

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