'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami' Recap: Kim the Shopaholic

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Kim Kardashian finally realizes she's become a shopaholic and is forced to curb her ways. On this week's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim Kardashian gets a major reality check.

After watching Kim obsess about clothes, fashion, designers and the like, Kourtney Kardashian finally decides she's had enough and attempts to intervene.

Kourt desperately tries to get her sister to see what she's missing out on while she's busy obsessing about her image, but Kim has a one-track mind.

Kim's obsession hits a new low when Kourtney asks Kim how Kanye is doing.

Her reply starts off sounding sweet enough, "We decided we can't go more than five days without seeing each other," she confesses. "Because I like lose control...over my fashion."

Then, the situation goes from bad to worse when she explains that she basically lets Kanye dress her and that she is worried that her frequent fashion flops are ruining his reputation.

Unfortunately for Kourtney, she couldn't get through to Kim, but someone else swooped in and saved the day...Kim's financial advisor!

After Kim has picked out her dream home, she is crushed when her financial advisor tells her she can't afford it if she keeps up her frivolous spending. Arguably, she's just trading buying clothes for buying a house, which are both technically forms of "shopping," but whatever...it worked and Kim finally decides she'll cut back.

While Kim is house-hunting, Scott Disick is REALLY hunting...for alligator.

After meeting former Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi at a bar, Scott finds out that her family owns an alligator farm and he wants a piece of the action.

Scott is definitely shell-shocked when he meets Vienna's family, whom he refers to as "a whole different breed of humans." Regardless, he goes through with the hunting trip and kills an alligator, which he wants everyone to be clear that he wants to make loafers, not boots, out of.

When Scott returns from his trip, however, he starts feeling bad about killing the innocent animal.

To make matters worse, he starts having nightmares about the whole incident and decides he's going to skip the alligator skin shoes.

In an effort to balance the karmic scales, Scott takes his family to a wildlife park where the alligators are all protected and well taken care of.

When they're looking at a tank full of baby alligators, Scott takes a hard hit to the heart when his son Mason asks where the daddy is.

The whole experience makes Scott realize that he not only needs to take a second look at his life choices for his own good, but because of the example he's setting for Mason.

Definitely a step in the right direction!

Do you think the new Scott is here to stay?



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