Louis Tomlinson "The Rogue" Tattoo Pic: Love or Hate Louis' New Ink?

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What does Louis Tomlinson's The Rogue tattoo mean?

Louis Tomlinson Instagram pic of new tattoo. Louis Tomlinson got another new tattoo and tweeted a pic of the ink, which reads: "The Rogue."


Louis' new tattoo, which he got on his legs, references his time with the band The Rogue.

He was a singer in the band when he was just 14 years old.

Louis likely wants to remember his roots and where he came from, because no doubt the experience in a band early on kept him on his destined path to be part of One Direction.

Hey, we believe in destiny and all that stuff.

What do you think of Louis' "The Rogue" tattoo and the meaning behind it?

(Cute ankles by the way, Lou.)

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