Louis Tomlinson Twitter F-Bomb After The Mirror Interviews His Estranged Dad

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Why did Louis Tomlinson drop an f-bomb on a tabloid?

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Louis Tomlinson ripped into the Sunday Mirror with a big Twitter f-bomb, after the tabloid featured an interview with Louis' estranged dad.

Here's one of the pitfalls of being a celebrity...people start to come out of the woodwork when you're famous.

In Louis' case, his dad, Troy Austin, and mom, Johannah, split when young Lou was just two years old.

Seems dear old dad wasn't around for Louis and now wants to catch up on lost time with his new uber famous son, so he took in a One Direction concert, then turned to the Sunday Mirror to blab a bit.

Troy told the Sunday Mirror, "Seeing Louis on that stage was amazing. He's in the biggest band in the world and I'm the proudest dad in the world. I just hope he knows it."

He added, "It was a shame we couldn't see Louis and tell him how brilliant he was. But I know he and the rest of the lads are really busy. Georgia was gutted--she's his half-sister after all."

Dad perhaps has some regrets, telling the Mirror, "I haven't been there for most of his life, so I understand I'm not one of his main priorities. He knows we were in the crowd and now I want to tell him what it meant to me to see him up there. I cried buckets."

He said he's happy for his son's fame, noting, "Seeing what he's done with his life makes me so happy. I know people will think I'm only ­interested in being part of his life again because he's rich and famous. But it's not about that. I'm his dad. We're flesh and blood and ­nothing can change that. I'm so proud of him I could burst. Of course, I would love to see him again and have a proper relationship with him. What dad wouldn't? But it's up to him. I want him to know I think he's ­fantastic--and that Georgia is his ­biggest fan."

Louis took to Twitter to fire off at the tabloid, tweeting: "I'd like to start off the day by saying a big f**k you to 'the mirror' :) on a happier note huge love to all out fans, you keep us going!!"

On his end, dad Troy tweeted, "The story in "The Mirror" published today was intended to stop the constant bullying & nasty messages Georgia receives!"

What do you think of Louis' dad talking with the tabloid?



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