Selena Gomez Hosts Justin Bieber Post-Breakup Party?

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Which on of her Spring Breakers costars showed up?

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Did Selena Gomez throw a party to celebrate her single-ness and split from Justin Bieber?

Well we don't really know if that's what she was partying for, but that's what people are saying! According to several pictures online, the singer-actress did throw a party at her house in Tarzana, California this weekend! is reporting
that Sel threw a get-together at her crib over the weekend and her BFFs like Ashley Tisdale were seen carrying cases of beer, snacks and purple and white balloons into the pad. Some were even seen with gifts although Ashley reportedly didn't show up with one.

Assuming it was someone's birthday celebration, it could've been a par-tay for Sel and Ashley's latest flick, Spring Breakers, kicking butt at the box office this weekend! They made $4.5 million! Either way we're sure they had an awesome time!

Click here to see Ashley arriving to the party!

Do you think Selena was celebrating her split with Justin or just partying with friends for other reasons?

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