Top 5 Moments from Episode 10 of 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'

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Didn't catch last night's Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? Here's what you missed... On this week's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, entitled "See You Later, Alligator," we know that Scott killed an alligator, which was definitely the all-time low of the show.

Despite that, there were still some great moments that we thought were worth noting.

Here are our top five...

1. Killing Kanye's Reputation

When Kim Kardashian sees herself on yet another worst dressed list, she expresses her concern that she's ruining boyfriend Kanye West's reputation (the one that he's supposedly super stylish).

She tells Kourtney how important it is that she dresses well so that it doesn't reflect poorly on Kanye and in the midst of the conversation, she reveals what she thinks is behind the bad rap. "People think that Kanye actually has the time to dress me every single day," she tells Kourtney.

So, does that mean that Kanye DOES dress Kim on the days that he has time?

Sure sounds like it, Kim confessed that she loses control over her clothes when she doesn't see Kanye for more than five days and reveals that she only dresses cool when he's around to help her.

2. Kim REALLY Loves Shopping

After we're made well-aware about just how bad Kim's shopping addiction is (because we didn't know before), it seems that every scene has Kim talking about how much she loves her favorite activity.

She takes her love to a new level when she is doing some online shopping and Kourtney tries to get her to stop, at which point Kim defends her addiction, informing Kourtney that "shopping is like the greatest invention of life."

Not sure Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or Benjamin Franklin would necessarily agree...but you know, whatever!

3. Kourtney Outsmarts Kim

Unable to curb Kim's shopaholic ways, Kourtney accompanies her on a shoe shopping spree.

It seems that whenever Kourtney tells Kim she shouldn't buy something, Kim heads straight to the Kourtney decides to try a new strategy and implements some reverse psychology.

She starts telling Kim that she SHOULD buy things...and guess what? Kim suddenly doesn't want them!

Maybe she just thinks her sister has bad fashion sense...

4. Sleeping Skinners

While most of Scott's visit to the alligator skinner was pretty disturbing (to say the least), there was one moment that was actually pretty funny.

Scott is totally intrigued by the animal skinner and he goes all Barbara Walters on her, asking her basically her whole life story. When he asks her if she's married and she says "yes," Scott thinks about that whole situation for a second, looks at the knife she's holding in her hand and says, "Bet your husband sleeps with one eye
open...if my girlfriend knew how to skin me, I'd be sleeping with a sawed off shottie in there!"

As of right now, Kourtney hasn't signed up for skinning class, so it looks like Scott is safe for now!

5. Important Life Lessons

When Scott has time to contemplate killing the alligator, he starts to feel bad about it and he and Kourtney bring Mason to a wildlife park so he can repent his sins and show his appreciation for the animals.

They take Mason through the park, teaching him all about each of the animals they see.

They learn all about how to help protect the wildlife and why so many species are struggling to survive.

Now, it might have been a lot for little Mason to take in, but he's a smart kid, so when Scott asked Mason what his favorite part was, we were expecting to be enlightened.

So, what was little Mason's favorite part of his visit to the park? Without hesitation, he responds that it was "eating ice cream!"

On that note...what was your favorite part of this week's episode?



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