Louis Tomlinson New Chest Tattoo Pic: What Does It Say?

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What does Louis Tomlinson's new chest tattoo say?

Eleanor Calder Instagram pic of Louis Tomlinson and his new tattoo.Louis Tomlinson has a new tattoo on his chest--but what does it say?

If you get the feeling that the One Direction guys have new ink almost every day, you're not imagining it--in fact, we reported just yesterday on Louis' new ankle tattoo "The Rogue."

Later the same day, his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, instagrammed another pic of Louis, playing a guitar. One thing immediately struck fans--Louis got himself a tattoo on his chest.

Of course, it's anyone's guess what the new chest ink says, but one theory going around is that it says "Dream Big."

We're not seeing it though (kind of looks like "what" or "that" to us).

At least it's not a giant butterfly (*cough* Harry *cough*).

Now, if the One Direction guys could kindly slow down on the tattoos--we can barely keep up!

Ah well, at least Niall is still tattoo free, so there's one less 1D guy we have to keep track of.

What do you think Louis' chest tattoo says? Comment below!

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