Top 3 Moments From 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere

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We've got the good, the bad and the ugly from the season 4 premiere of The Voice.
The season 4 premiere of The Voice was jam-packed!

During the two-hour show, we laughed, we cried and we saw some absolutely amazing singers score some unbelievably talented celebrity coaches.

There were, however, a few moments that stuck out in our minds as the best moments from the entire evening...and after much debate, we narrowed it down to three favorites.

1. Come Together

The opening of the show couldn't possibly have been any better!

There was a ton of speculation about what it was going to be like when new judges Shakira and Usher joined returning judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on the show.

The four of them made a strong statement about their bond when they all stepped on stage to perform "Come Together" as a group.

As if the message they were sending wasn't cool enough in and of itself, they sounded incredible!

Adam jammed on the drums, Usher and Blake sang and played guitar and Shakira helped on vocals, but also showed off her harmonica-playing skills.

Wonder what would it take to get those four to start their own band? We'd definitely be first in line to buy their music!

2. Usher Gets Schooled

Oh, how we love Usher!

The sexy R&B singer's adorable personality provided us with an endless stream of entertainment throughout the show.

However, Usher's absolute best moment from the season premiere is the one he'd probably refer to as his worst.

When Blake was trying to convince a country-singing contestant that she needed to join his team, he promised her that he could take her to Nashville.

Usher, wanting to one-up the veteran judge, tried to make it sound like Nashville was totally NBD.

Unfortunately, his plan wasn't exactly as smooth as his signature vocals.

"You have an opportunity to speak to the world," Usher said, trying to get her on his side. "Nashville is a state..."

Whoops! Might want to double-check a map on that one...

3. It's a Man, Baby!

When 27-year-old Kris Thomas stepped on stage, we had no idea what we were in store for...and neither did the judges.

We all tripped out a little when Kris belted out an absolutely perfect rendition of Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love."

Now if it was crazy for us and we could see him the whole time, imagine the judges' surprise when they turned around and saw that the voice who had just covered the late female singer's song so flawlessly actually belonged to a male.

Adam, Blake and Usher, who hadn't turned around during the song, couldn't contain themselves when they finally saw Kris.

Shakira, who had turned around during the song, said she purposely kept her cool when she saw that it was a guy hitting all of those high notes, because she knew the other judges would desperately want him to join their team.

"I know you guys, I gotta keep it under control," she joked. "Otherwise you all turn and then you make my life miserable."

Fortunately, Shakira has a good poker face and she landed Kris on her team!

What was your favorite moment from the season 4 premiere?



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