'The Voice' Blind Auditions Part 2 Recap: No Love for Blake Shelton

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On Part 2 of The Voice blind auditions, Blake Shelton is the only judge who goes home empty-handed.
In part two of the season four premiere of The Voice, the blind auditions continued.

We met six new contestants and all but one secured themselves a coach.

First up was Tawnya Reynolds, who had tried everything she could to make it in the country music business.

Her cover of "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" seemed like she would be a perfect match for Blake Shelton, but surprisingly, he was the only coach who didn't turn for Tawnya.

Despite Shakira's adorable efforts to speak Tawnya's language (country), she ended up selecting Usher as her coach.

Next up was 27-year-old Josiah Hawley, a model from Arkansas.

He was bold in selecting Adam Levine's song, "Sunday Morning," and we couldn't wait to see how the Maroon 5 frontman would react.

While Josiah was honored that Adam was impressed enough to turn for him, he selected Usher as his coach instead.

A folk duo from Idaho called Midas Whale took the stage next.

We'll be honest, we weren't quite sure what to expect out of these two, but they totally blew us away...and apparently, we weren't the only ones!

All four judges turned around for Midas Whale and even though they bonded with Shakira when they spoke Spanish with her, the duo decided on Adam Levine instead.

Unfortunately, for the next contestant, Abraham McDonald, none of the coaches turned for his rendition of "Best Thing I Ever Had."

The next contestant, Cáthia, was a different story.

Her Spanish song "No Me Doy Por Vencido" got Usher, Shakira and Blake to turn...and actually made Adam call himself an "idiot" for not joining the other three.

Ultimately, the Latin contestant wanted to go with someone who would understand her and she felt that Shakira would be the best fit.

The last contestant of the evening, Sarah Simmons, got all four judges to turn for her cover of "One of Us."

Not only did they turn, Adam was so impressed that he told her that she can "150% win this show," and Blake said she's one of the top three singers he's ever heard audition.

As the judges were trying to win Sarah over, Usher asked her where she's from and she says Tennessee, so Ush thinks he has it in the bag when he tells her that he's from there, too.

Adam, who desperately wants Sarah on his team, shows just how badly he wants Sarah when he says he'll be from wherever she wants him to be!

The cute comment seemed to work, because Sarah did choose Adam to be her coach.

By the end of the episode, all of the judges had added team members, except Blake.

The current team member totals are: Adam=3, Blake=3, Shakira=4 and Usher=3.

Who was your favorite singer from part two of the season premiere?



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