Top 3 Moments from Part 2 of 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere

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We count down our top three favorite moments from part two of The Voice season four premiere.
The fun continued on part two of The Voice season premiere last night.

Shakira and Usher are definitely getting more comfortable on the judges' panel and the playful jabs all four judges are taking at each other provide us with an endless stream of entertainment.

In fact, all three of our top moments from part two of the season premiere came from the judges' candid comments...

1. We're All from Tennessee

While all four judges are squabbling to win over Sarah Simmons, Usher asks her where she's from. She replies that she's from Tennessee and Usher sees that as his "in," telling her he's from Tennessee, too.

Blake Shelton and Shakira aren't going to give up that easily, though. In an attempt to undermine Usher, they joke that they're from Tennessee also.

Not wanting to be outdone, Adam Levine steps in and says to Sarah, "Hey, I'll be from wherever you want me to be!"

Looks like Adam's strategy worked, because Sarah selected Adam as her coach.

2. Shakira Gets a Spanish Surprise

When Idaho boys Midas Whale took the stage, they just seemed like some good ol' farm boys singing folk music.

That's why we were all shocked when the guys started speaking Spanish to Shakira.

As it turns out, the guys are surprisingly well-traveled. One of them spent some time living in Spain and the other in Ecudador.

Blake and Adam are bummed, thinking they both lost Midas Whale.

Usher, on the other hand, tries to stay competitive with Shakira, telling Midas Whale that he's "numero uno."

In the end, they chose Adam as their coach.

3. Shakira Speaks "Country"

After Blake didn't turn during Tawnya Reynolds' incredible country performance, it was between Usher, Shakira and Adam.

When Blake throws his support behind Usher, Shakira realizes she needs to up her ante.

She tells Tawnya that she is the most country out of all three of the competing judges because she plays harmonica, she rides horses and she has something the other three judges don't have.

Shakira proceeds to pull out an "English to Country" dictionary and in her best country voice, she tells Tawnya, "I reckon that you will want to join team Shakira."

As it turns out, she was right...and Tawyna decided to join her team!

What do you think was the top moment from part two of The Voice season premiere?


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