Did Britney Spears' New Man Have to Pass a Background Check?

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Britney Spears new boyfriend had to submit to a background check before they could date...but who ordered it?
Britney Spears' new man David Lucado is quite familiar with contracts and confidentiality agreements...he is a lawyer, after all.

But this time, it wasn't his career that he was signing them for, it was his love life.

According to RadarOnline, Britney's man had to undergo a thorough background check and sign a confidentiality agreement, both ordered by her father (Jamie Spears), before he was given the green light to spend time with Ms. Spears.

The agreement came about because Britney is still under conservatorship and her father wanted to make sure that Britney is surrounded by quality people.

Although Jamie knew David was a good guy before he and Britney got together, he wanted to be certain that David couldn't release any information about the pop star if things suddenly went south.

As for David, a source said that he was totally cool with it and understood why it needed to be done.

Would you ever submit to such a rigorous process just so you could spend time with someone?



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