Ed Sheeran Makes Plans to Make Up for Charity Concert Cancellation

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Ed's speaking out about the Oasis legend charity concert snub incident!

Ed Sheeran on a red carpet.Ed Sheeran is all about setting things straight and making people happy!

Recently accused of snubbing a popular teen cancer charity concert ran by Oasis legend Noel Gallagher, Ed went to Twitter to express what really happened.

"I actually told him I would do the gig whenever he wanted, but the week they were planned I was in Australia with gigs already booked and sold out," Ed tweeted (and later deleted).

He continued, "Had it been any other time I would have made it happen but I found this out after I'd said yes...I think it would be worse saying no instantly without knowing, to be honest, and I said any other time he wants to do a show and I'm not on tour, I will 100 per cent do it."

Aww, bless Ed's heart! The kid had sold out gigs to do in Australia! While some were hurt he didn't perform at the charity event, imagine all of the fans who would've been upset 'down under' too!

Do you think Ed did the right thing by speaking out? Why did he delete the tweets?



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