One Direction Diet: Private Chef Keeps 1D Healthy

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Are the One Direction guys going on a diet?

One Direction personal chef diet on tourYouTube

The One Direction guys have reportedly hired a private chef for their tour, in an attempt to keep them healthy and fit.

We can't imagine that Niall, with his love of eating, is going to be too excited by the healthy diet, but it's also probably all too easy to eat poorly when on the road.

According to the Daily Record, 1D management wanted the guys to have a chef to keep their menu nutritious.

A source said that cook Sarah Nicholas "worked with the guys on their last tour and became like a surrogate mum for them all, particularly Harry."

The sourced added, "She tries to offer the boys their favorite foods but healthier versions of them, using natural, often organic ingredients."

"With 1D's hectic schedule and grueling lifestyles, it's essential they eat properly and start looking after themselves," the source noted, adding, "This basically means Sarah has been charged with getting more fruit and veg down them, and staving off colds as much as possible. They're currently drinking loads of smoothies."

Gotta keep those boys healthy!

We'd say having a private chef couldn't have come at a better time--after all, Harry believes he invented crackers and cheese (see video below). Nice try, Harry.

He also likes pickle with his crackers and cheese...sounds like the guys could definitely use a little culinary assistance!



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