Harry Styles Prank on Niall Horan: Toilet Pic of Niall on a Mug?

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Harry Styles pulls a wicked prank on Niall Horan.

Niall Horans nip slip picture.We're all aware that One Direction like to pull pranks on each other--but how about this doozy that Harry Styles pulled on Niall Horan?

Harry snapped a pic of Niall on the toilet...and if that wasn't bad enough, he had the image put on a mug.

Oh, Niall. We feel for you on this one.

Niall explained (via Metro), "When we first got together, we were in Harry's stepdad's house and I was in the toilet, which was unlocked. Harry burst in and took a picture of me."

Perhaps we should have a little talk with Harry about boundaries? No? Moving on...

Niall said, "Two weeks later for my birthday, I got a present from him and it was a mug with a picture of me on the toilet on it. You have to pour hot water in and then the picture shows up."

Okay, it's a little hilarious. And kind of horrific at the same time.

Something tells us we won't be seeing Niall's potty time mug among the myriad of 1D merchandise, however.



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