Lil Twist Reportedly Throws Big Party With Booze and Weed at Justin Bieber's Mansion

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Was Justin there?!

Justin Bieber photographed with his friends.

While Justin Bieber's away, his friends will play? Uh, basically!

The Biebs has been dealing with neighbor drama lately and it could be because of his pals!

According to Perez Hilton, Justin's BFF Lil Twist threw a HUGE party last week at Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. mansion while he was still on tour.

Reportedly having over 40 ladies and other guests at the crib, pictures have, of course, surfaced showing off numerous alcoholic beverage bottles and several marijuana smoking devices at the Bieber mansion-party.

All of this craziness comes after The Biebs got into an altercation with his neighbor (at the same house) earlier this week.

His next door acquaintance reportedly yelled at him about driving like a crazy man and told him about the big, loud parties at his home while he was in Europe. After words were exchanged, the same neighbor later accused Justin of battery and threatening him.

Do you think Justin should ditch Lil Twist as a friend? From crashing his cars to throwing massive parties at his house, it seems like Twist ALWAYS gets Justin into trouble!

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