'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 4, Episode 18 Recap: 'American Gothic'

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Elena learns a shocking secret about Katherine. Damon, Stefan and Rebekah find the Cure (or so they think), and Caroline hearts Klaus (or so he thinks). The Vampire Diaries is always better when Katherine's around, isn't it?

And even after 500 years, she still manages to surprise everyone.

When Elena and Rebekah finally track her down, she's settled in a small town. Not very glamorous, but she's made lots of friends. OK, so she's compelled the residents into doing her bidding, but still.

The real shocker, which Elena accidentally discovers when posing as her lookalike, is that Katherine is dating...Elijah! Oh, it's good to see the handsome Original again, and what a cute couple they make. Too bad Elena spoiled things by revealing that Katerina killed her brother.

Willoughby, the "creamed corn capital of Pennsylvania," is suddenly a top tourist destination, as the Brothers Salvatore also finally arrive on the scene. Damon thinks he's sussed out the Cure in Katherine's fish-less fish tank, but it's also filled with vervain. While he's seemingly incapacitated, Rebeka downs the magic potion. Alas, it's just a trick. Katherine's secreted the real thing at one her compelled bestie's house. And to try to regain her old/new love's trust, she hands it over to Elijah.

Meanwhile, Elena tells the infatuated bros to back off and stop trying to cure her. If they don't, there will be "consequences." For example: the waitress she kills to prove her point. And she warns that the innocent bodies will pile up if they don't leave her alone.

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is feeling the pain from that white oak stake Silas planted in his back. Or did he? Turns out Silas has just been messing with him all along--his unbearable pain is all mental. It disappears when Caroline distracts him. First, Silas tricked him by taking on her form (this is going to get complicated if he's able to fake out everyone). Klaus only knew the real Caroline had arrived when she complained, "I'm supposed to be running three different prom committees right now and you keep phone-stalking me!"

That's the Care we know and love...but shouldn't she be a wee bit upset that she killed a dozen innocent witches and allowed Silas to welcome a whole population of supes back to the land of the living?

Anyway, the two part as sorta friends. Klaus isn't going to welcome Tyler back to town, but he does point out, "You may have noticed I'm not exactly scouring the earth for him."

Aw, see? Get over it, C, and let this handsome devil take you to prom!


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