March Music Madness: Which Musician or Band is Most Talented? Vote Now (Round 2)!

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Which musician or band deserves the title "most talented"? Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

One round closer!

We put all of our favorite musicians up against one another in Round 1 of our March Music Madness tournament to see who you guys think is most talented. We're ready to start Round 2, but here's a quick highlight recap from Round 1:

In a pretty surprising upset, country cutie Hunter Hayes took badly-behaving Justin Bieber out of the competition. Maybe that will teach the Biebs to be more polite to his neighbors.

Katy Perry
and Kelly Clarkson gave each other a run for the money (or votes in this case), but Katy closed the deal.

Beyonce and Justin Timberlake ran such a close race we couldn't call it until the final minute. We hate to see either of them leave the competition, but Beyonce's fans had her back.

Miley Cyrus has been getting more buzz for her personal life (her relationship status with Liam Hemsworth, to be precise) than her music lately, but she still scored a big win over Carrie Underwood. At least Hunter is still representing in the country department.

The Wanted and Lawson are both UK boy bands, but which British lads got the most love from their fans? Well, let's just say these boys are wanted in Round 2.

The British invasion doesn't stop there. One Direction and Ed Sheeran both beat out their competition, Fun and Austin Mahone. (Selena Gomez, however, sailed past Brit Cher Lloyd.)

Demi Lovato blew Rihanna out of the water. Guess we shouldn't be too shocked, as Lovatics helped Demi win our "Coolest to Their Fans" title. Could Demi take the win for Most Talented too?

On your mark, get set, go (vote)! Round 2 will close at 9 PM PT on Tuesday, April 2.

Round 2, Bracket 1
Hunter Hayes1694 (22.1%)
Ed Sheeran5985 (77.9%)

Round 2, Bracket 2
Maroon 54904 (55.7%)
One Direction3894 (44.3%)

Round 2, Bracket 3
Selena Gomez5354 (63.6%)
Carly Rae Jepsen3068 (36.4%)

Round 2, Bracket 4
Beyonce5741 (70.3%)
Lady Gaga2421 (29.7%)

Round 2, Bracket 5
Big Time Rush4899 (53.0%)
Eminem4351 (47.0%)

Round 2, Bracket 6
Jonas Brothers5383 (62.4%)
The Wanted3239 (37.6%)

Round 2, Bracket 7
Taylor Swift4106 (47.0%)
Miley Cyrus4621 (53.0%)

Round 2, Bracket 8
Demi Lovato6391 (69.6%)
Katy Perry2786 (30.4%)

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