Demi Lovato New Album "DEMI" Trailer Video, Cover Art

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Watch the Demi Lovato new album trailer video, "DEMI."

Demi Lovato new album demi cover art trailer videoDemi Lovato Twitter

Demi Lovato's new album is coming!

Demi revealed the new album cover art and dropped a huge gift to fans--the name of the album is "DEMI" and it's coming out May 14.

You can pre-order DEMI April 2.

Lovatics are going crazy, of course!

Watch Demi's trailer video for the new album, which she tweeted today, writing: "My new album DEMI available May 14."

She revealed the cover art over the weekend, tweeting, "I spy..." and linking to the glittery-Demi cover pic.

Looking gorgeous, Demi.

In the album trailer, you hear Demi say, "This album, this is mine. And my story."

Who's excited?

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