'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami' Season Finale Part 1 Recap: Spying on Scott

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When Kim Kardashian starts to see Scott Disick's behavior getting out of control, she has him trailed by a private investigator. Scott DisickThis week on part one of the
Kourtney and Kim Take Miami season finale, Scott Disick is back to his wild ways and it's making everyone uncomfortable.

After he returns home completely hung-over from a quick trip to Vegas for an appearance, Kim Kardashian starts to worry that his partying is getting the best of him.

During a conversation with Khloé, Kim finds out that Kourtney had confessed that due to their lifestyles, she and Scott basically live separate lives.

Worried for his welfare and about what is going on behind Kourtney's back, Kim enlists the help of her private investigator friend (Jake) to look into what Scott is doing when he thinks no one is looking.

Jake tells Kim that he can put a tracking device on Scott's car so they can see where he is at all times and just to be sure, they also follow him when he leaves the house. After a stop at a random apartment, Kim grows even more concerned.

When Scott has to go out of town yet again, Jake offers to go there and trail him....and on that front, we get left with a "To Be Continued" and it looks like Jake has some bad news for Kim.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian is annoyed at Scott's behavior, but she has to attend to more pressing matters at the moment.

When Kourtney overhears Khloé telling their step-brother and his wife about her fertility problems, she is heartbroken for her sister.

Kourtney knows how badly Khloé wants a baby and when she realizes that she could potentially help her achieve that, she springs into action.

After speaking with a fertility doctor who tells her that it would absolutely be possible for her to be a surrogate for Khloé, she approaches her to tell her she'll be the "oven for her bun."

At first, Khloé actually thinks Kourtney is kidding. Eventually, when she realizes how serious she is, she thanks her for the offer, but says that she isn't considering surrogacy at this point.

Still, it was really nice of Kourtney to offer...especially since Scott just gave her such a hard time about not having lost the baby weight from her last pregnancy.

Do you think Khloé should have accepted Kourtney's offer?


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