Lady Gaga Turned Down a $1 Million Offer to Perform

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A new lawsuit reveals that Lady Gaga turned down $1 million to perform at the Republican National Convention. Lady GagaLady Gaga was recently offered $1 million dollars for a performance...and she turned it down!

The 27-year-old outspoken LGBT advocate was invited to perform at the Republican National Convention's Hispanic Leadership Network last August.

The RNC also tried to sweeten the deal by offering to donate $150,000 to a domestic violence shelter and promote her performance as a tribute to female officeholders.

Still, Gaga wasn't interested.

Other artists who were invited and also declined were Pitbull and Dolly Parton, which actually would have been a pretty interesting combination!

The declined invitations were revealed as part of a lawsuit that a Republican non-profit group has filed against their entertainment booking group over money that was apparently lost when the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, who had agreed to perform, wasn't able to fulfill their commitment due to Hurricane Isaac.

Well, at least Clint Eastwood still showed up!

Do you think Lady Gaga turned down the gig due to political differences?

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