Niall Horan Dating? Niall Describes Perfect Girlfriend: "Carefree," "Sense of Humor"

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Niall Horan describes his ideal girlfriend.
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Niall Horan isn't dating anyone, but he is looking for a girlfriend.

He doesn't have a serious girlfriend like Liam, Zayn or Louis...and he's not quite the rumored womanizer that Harry is, but what qualities is Niall looking for in a girl?

Seems he fancies a girl who is pretty laid back and funny.

Niall told The Sunday Life (via UnrealityTV) that "carefree" and a "sense of humor" are tops on his list, explaining, "A good sense of humor, nice eyes, someone who isn't too clingy and someone who's carefree, like me."

He added, "I like someone who likes to have a laugh basically. I like girlie girls but I'd also like someone who would come and watch football with me. It's also very hot if a girl can play an instrument."

Form a line, ladies.

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