'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Let's Get Married...

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On this episode of Teen Mom 2, one of the girls gets married and another gets engaged... Jenelle Evans and Gary HeadOn episode seven of Teen Mom 2 season four, things start getting serious with Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Gary Head.

When Gary tells Jenelle that he needs to talk, we definitely didn't see a proposal coming...but that's exactly what happened.

The whole thing was pretty unromantic as far as proposals go...Gary was squatting down next to the bed that Jenelle was laying in and it kind of came out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation about their relationship.

When Gary proposed, Jenelle seemed kind of excited, however, she was not excited enough that she felt it was worth sitting up, much less getting out of bed for. Looking for some emotion, Gary asks Jenelle if she likes the ring and she says it's "simple and to the point."

Later, when she is telling her mom,Barbara Evans, about the proposal, she says it "wasn't anything special."

So, clearly things are off to a great start there!

Leah Messer (Calvert), on the other hand, has a slightly different situation. Already engaged, she now finds herself wanting to move up her wedding so that she and fiancé Jeremy Calvert can get approved for a home loan.

They decide to postpone their dream wedding and just go to the courthouse and get it done.

The whole thing couldn't have been more awkward.

On the way over in the car, Leah is reading texts from her ex husband, Corey Simms, while Leah's groom-to-be is worrying that she'll look like a teenager in their wedding pictures because of her braces.

Eventually, they arrive at the "chapel" and tie the knot in a ceremony that feels more like a forced formality than a wedding.

Fellow teen mom Kailyn Lowry also has marriage on the mind...and like Leah and Jeremy, they are thinking of pushing their wedding up to reap the benefits of being married.

In this case, Kailyn's boyfriend Javi Marroquin is joining the Air Force and they aren't entitled to as many benefits if they aren't married.Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

Since they have a trip to Vegas already planned right after Javi's Air Force admission test, they figure it would be the perfect opportunity to make it official.

However, when Javi's test is pushed back until after their trip, they decide to reconsider, worrying that they might have been rushing things.

As for Chelsea Houska, she is still single, but her ex, Adam Lind has a new leading lady.

When Chelsea finds out that he's bringing his girlfriend around their daughter Aubree, she is furious.

To make matters worse, Adam sends Chelsea a bunch of mean texts that were solely for the sake of hurting her feelings. He tells her that Aubree loves being around the new girlfriend and threatens to take Chelsea to court for custody of Aubree.

Frustrated, Chelsea goes to her dad's house to vent.

Her dad manages to calm her down, assuring her that Adam doesn't have a leg to stand on if he takes her to court.

After a meeting with a lawyer, who confirms what Chelsea's dad said, she starts to feel a little better about the legal aspect of their situation, but is still hurt by what Adam said to her...and we don't blame her one bit!

What did you think of this episode of Teen Mom 2? Do you think Jenelle's engagement felt forced? What about Leah's wedding?



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