'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Jenelle Evans Goes to Jail

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On this episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans ends up in jail while Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend debate having a quickie Vegas wedding. Jenelle EvansOn episode eight of Teen Mom 2 season four, Jenelle Evans' engagement falls apart quickly.

After a fight between the volatile couple turns physical, the cops are called and both Jenelle and her fiancé, Gary Head, are arrested.

To make matters worse, when the cops arrived, Gary showed them the drugs that Jenelle was taking and additional charges were added to her rap sheet.

When Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, bails her out of jail, they discuss pressing further charges against Gary.

Now depressed, lonely and looking for someone to keep her company, Jenelle once again invites her ex boyfriend Kieffer Delp back into her life. We're all well-aware the Kieffer isn't good for Jenelle and vice versa, so we'll just have to wait and see how that one plays out.

After a violent episode of her own on last week's show, Kailyn Lowry seems to have her relationship back on track.

During a trip to Vegas, she and boyfriend Javi Marroquin contemplate a quickie wedding and go to check out the chapel where Britney Spears married Jason Alexander.

Considering the couple wasn't even engaged at the time, they felt like they were rushing things and didn't want their wedding to be remembered as the stereotypical Vegas wedding, so they decided to hold off for the time being.

As for Leah Messer (Calvert), she did decide to move forward with her wedding and tied the knot in a quickie ceremony with Jeremy Calvert.

The couple is definitely finding married life to be a big adjustment.

With the expenses of the home they just purchased plus the cost of raising the twins adding up, Leah decides to ask her ex husband, Corey Simms for more child support.

Knowing that Corey just got a raise at work, she feels she's entitled to at least a little bit more money.Leah Calvert and family

After Corey reluctantly agrees to a set amount, the number changes drastically when Leah brings a lawyer into the picture.

Although he's disappointed that he's going to be giving up so much of his paycheck and is worried that it isn't all going toward the girls, Corey has no choice but to pay.

Leah wasn't the only teen mom meeting with a lawyer on this episode. Co-star Chelsea Houska sought some legal advice of her own after ex boyfriend Adam Lind threatened to take her to court.

The lawyer tells Chelsea that Adam would have to go through a lengthy process to achieve the things he's trying to achieve and that his chances still aren't great, so Chelsea feels much better after the meeting.

As for Adam, his is still allowing his girlfriend to be around his daughter Aubree. But, after bragging to Chelsea that Aubree loves the girlfriend so much, we see a different side of the story when Aubree throws an epic temper tantrum and wants nothing to do with either of them.

Looks like Adam might have jumped the gun just a little bit...or, as everyone assumed, he was just saying those things to hurt Chelsea.

What do you think about Adam bringing his new girlfriend around Aubree so soon?



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