'The Voice' Blind Auditions Part 3 Recap: Surprises and Second Chances

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Find out what happened on part 3 of The Voice blind auditions. 'The Voice' judges.

On part three of The Voice season four blind auditions, we saw eleven amazing hopefuls perform for judges Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton.

The first contestants on the show were The Swan Brothers from Oklahoma, who got three of the judges to turn with their rendition of "American Girl."

When it came time to choose, however, the brothers decided to go with Blake.

The next contestant was 17-year-old Taylor Beckham, who sang "I'm Going Down," and got Usher and Shakira to turn for her.

Shakira tried to relate to the former gymnast saying that she used to do gymnastics, too, but unfortunately for Shakira, she went with Usher instead.

Next up was Sam Alves from Brazil, singing one of Usher's favorite songs, "Feeling Good."

Perhaps the expectations were a little too high because none of the judges turned for the 23-year-old singer.

Shakira made it very clear that she regretted not turning for Sam and gave him a big hug before he left the stage.

The next singer was Karina Iglesias from Florida, who blew us all away with her rendition of "I'm the Only One." The judges, however, were a little hesitant with only Adam and Blake turning at the last possible second of Karina's song.

The competition then heated up between Adam and Blake who both wanted her badly. At decision time, though, Karina chose to go with Adam.

After Karina, 17-year-old Garrett Gardner took the stage to sing "Seven Nation Army."

Garrett was a little different than the other contestants because he'd auditioned for the show before.

The last time he was on, Blake gave him some advice that he really took to heart and when he returned, he'd made all of the necessary adjustments and it showed.

While Shakira was the only one to turn for Garrett, Adam still recognized him right away and was extremely proud of the progress he'd made.

Garrett humbly thanked both Blake and Adam as he took his spot on team Shakira.

Next up was Holly Tucker from Texas, singing "To Make You Feel My Love."

Adam and Shakira didn't waste a single second and turned right away for the young singer. When Blake and Usher turned shortly after, Holly became the first contestant on this episode to get all four judges to turn.

In the end, though, Holly went with Blake.

Taking the stage after Holly was 20-year-old Landon Medvec from Minnesota, whose raspy rendition of "You Give Me Something" unfortunately didn't get any of the judges to turn.

The next contestant, Michelle Chamuel, was equal parts entertaining and talented.

A self-proclaimed "nerd," Michelle took the stage and knocked our socks off with her cover of "I Kissed a Girl."

After Adam, Shakira and Usher all turned for the singer, there were some adorably awkward moments, which commenced with Michelle picking Usher.

Next up was Julie Roberts, who'd had a record deal in the past.

After enjoying great success with her first album, the second album didn't do as well and she parted ways with her label, so she was hoping for another shot.

Although none of the judged turned for Julie, Blake recognized her immediately and felt awful that he didn't turn.

It was a completely different story for the next contestant, Monique Abbadie, who got all four of the judges to turn.

Given her Latin roots and the fact that she's always admired Shakira, Monique's choice was easy. In fact, even the other judges all told her she should pick Shakira!

The last contestant of the evening was Warren Stone who sang "Colder Weather."

Adam turned right away and was followed shortly after by Shakira and Blake.

While everyone assumed Blake would get the young country singer, Adam was thrilled when Warren picked him instead, making that his first victory in the pop vs. country battle against Blake.

By the end of the evening, Blake had added two members to his team and Shakira, Usher and Adam all added three.

Who was your favorite performer from part three of The Voice blind auditions?



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