Top 3 Moments from 'The Voice' Blind Auditions Part 3

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See our top three favorite moments from part three of The Voice blind auditions. Michelle Chamuel

On part three of The Voice blind auditions, the friendly competition between the judges definitely brought us some laugh-out-loud moments, but their convos with the contestants definitely proved to be the most entertaining this time around.

Here are our top three favorite moments from the show...

1. Second Chances

Seventeen-year-old Garrett Gardner's audition is definitely the feel-good favorite moment from the episode.

The young hopeful had tried out for The Voice once and wasn't selected by any of the judges.

He did, however, receive some constructive criticism from Blake Shelton that he really took to heart and implemented.

This time, he came back strong, saying that he wanted to make his late father proud...and we're sure that's exactly what he did.

The performance was amazing and when Adam Levine and Blake Shelton turned around and saw who it was, they were visibly touched by his determination.

Instead of being angry that he wasn't picked the first time, Garrett was incredibly humble and grateful for getting a second chance.

He expressed such gratitude to Adam and Blake for their help and for giving him a second chance that we couldn't help but be overjoyed that Garrett was finally going to get his chance on The Voice.

Between Adam and Blake's reaction to Garrett and vice versa, this was definitely the number one most heartfelt moment of the evening.

2. Callete!

After Karina Iglesias' performance of "I'm the Only One," Shakira tries to find common ground with the young Latin singer.

She starts speaking Spanish to her, which Adam adorably tries to put a stop to because he wants to win her over for himself.

When Shakira doesn't let up, Adam digs deep and pulls out the little Spanish that he does know, shouting "callete!" to Shakira, which is something even the non-Spanish-speakers quickly realized meant for Shakira to shut up.

Fortunately for Adam, his attempt at speaking Spanish worked and he beat out Blake to land Karina on his team.

3. Unnerved by Usher

We loved Michelle Chamuel's audition and post-performance conversation with the judges so much, we could probably write a top three just from that.

However, one moment stuck out as being just a little bit more amazing than the others.

Michelle surprised us when she said she wanted to ask the "three amazing human beings" who turned for her a question, because that isn't usually part of the process.

She proceeded to ask them which direction they would want to take her in as far as genre was concerned.

Adam diplomatically responded that he'd want her to go in whatever direction she would want to.

Then, it was Usher's turn to answer the question.

However, it's pretty safe to say Michelle was more than a little unnerved by the sexy singer, so when he answered her question with a question of his own, she was (understandably) a little distracted and thought he was simply making a statement.

Usher asked her what genre she would like to be known for, but Michelle thought that was just his way of saying that whatever it was, he would help her develop. So, she just nodded her head in agreement.

Wanting to hear the answer to his question, Usher asked again...and again, Michelle agreed with him!

When Shakira started to laugh a little bit, Michelle finally realized that Usher was actually asking her a question.

After a pretty priceless reaction, Michelle finally answered Usher's question (saying electric pop).

Fortunately for Michelle, she'll have plenty of opportunities to get more comfortable talking to Usher, because she agreed to be on his team.

What was your favorite moment from part three of The Voice blind auditions?



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