Zayn Malik New Chest Tattoo: Wings and a Heart or Lips?

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Zayn Malik got a new tattoo on his chest.

Zayn Malik new chest tattoo twitter pic.Zayn Malik is sporting a new chest tattoo--but what is it?

A new Twitter pic of Zayn with a fan has made the rounds, and the new chest ink was spotted peeking out of the top of his shirt.

It appears that part of the chest tattoo is a pair of wings, though it's unclear what's at the center of the art.

Most of the center portion is covered with Zayn's shirt, but it looks like it could be a heart (it's red, that much we can see).

Others believe it's red lips set between the wings.

It seems that the chest ink is a new One Direction trend--Harry, Zayn and Louis all have tattoos on their chests.

What do you think of Zayn's newest tattoo?



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