Does Amanda Bynes Have a Red-Headed Doppelganger?

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Amanda Bynes is insisting that she has a red-headed doppelganger walking the streets of NYC who keeps being mistaken for her. Amanda Bynes Twitpic. Is there an Amanda Bynes impostor walking the streets of NYC?

According to Amanda, that's exactly what's happening.

On April 2, pictures surfaced of a red-headed woman with the same cheek piercings, sunglasses and jewelry that Amanda wears, but Amanda swears it isn't her.

While she's certainly sported some strange looks lately, Amanda wants to make one thing very clear...she doesn't want red hair. (Side note: Amanda has had red hair in the past, so...)

The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star took to her Twitter to set the record straight. "I have the blondest hair ever! I have an app to change the color of my hair! I don't want red hair! That's not me!"

In another tweet, she wrote "I need to prove I don't have red hair! No offense to redheds! Pictures on twitter forever! Don't trust what u read or see on the Internet!!"

If that wasn't enough to convince us, she tries to discredit the alleged impostor again, saying "Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on Twitter for up to date pictures!"

Ironically, Amanda has since deleted all of the tweets and we haven't seen any of said up-to-date pictures, so the jury is still out on the Amanda impostor!

Do you think someone is really posing as Amanda?

Check out the photos here and tell us what you think...



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