Ed Sheeran Admits How He Avoids Drama Between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

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What's he do when one of them mentions the other?

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What happens when two of your BFFs date and then breakup? Uh, ask Ed Sheeran!

Friends with BOTH Harry Styles an Taylor Swift, Ed recently admitted how he stays out of their drama.

"I'm like Switzerland...if you talk to one about the other, the drama starts!" Ed said about Haylor in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

Oh snap! Did he just admit they DID have a bad breakup?

A source recently admitted to OK! magazine that T-Swift is actually feelin' Ed!

"Taylor has a real crush on Ed," the source told OK! magazine.

She continued, "She adores him. She's been texting and calling him a lot and is very excited about spending lots of time with him. She needs to have a man in her life. He's very sweet, funny and loyal. Ed's a keeper. This could be the long lasting relationship that Taylor is looking for."

Do you think Ed does the right thing by staying out of Haylor's drama? Do you think Ed and Taylor should date?

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