American Idol's Burnell Taylor: "I'm Glad That They Let Me Go"

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Which of the finalists did Burnell give a kiss to on stage last night? Burnell Taylor performing on the American Idol stage.

Burnell Taylor might had received the lowest number of votes last night and got eliminated from American Idol, but there was nothing low about his spirit.

"It was basically God giving me a sign so I can prepare," Burnell told us, "I feel like I went out with a bang."

Considering Burnell was the first eliminated finalist that Nicki Minaj approached after the results, we'd take that as a bang. "She was crying," Burnell said, "I always respect her, but I gained a higher respect just seeing that she really cares about me."

During his last performance on the Idol stage, he gave one of the contestants a smooch. "I wanted to keep it PG 13," Burnell said about his kiss with Amber Holcomb, "I just wanted to let all of them know I love them and they're all capable of killing it."

So was the kiss completely innocent? Not exactly. Amber has said the feelings were mutual. "It definitely is," said Burnell, "A crush only revolves one person and it ain't a crush."

Amber and all the other standing finalists were heartbroken by Burnell's departure, "It took everything in me not to cry," he told us. "Not because I was going home, but these people I didn't even know last year, the fact that they are crying because I'm going home, it means a lot," he said, "I love them all so much."

Do we all remember the time Nicki nailed the boy's for their group performance? Burnell definitely does. "Honestly looking back at me, Devin and Lazaro's performance to 'Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,' I can laugh about it now," Burnell said. "It was funny! We were all upset, but we all wanted to laugh."

Determined and motivated, Burnell told us that by the time he's 25 he wants to already have six Grammys and has lined up a roster of who he wants to work with, "Frank Ocean, Brandy, India Arie, Rihanna, Chris Brown. Anybody that's looking for a brother!"

Burnell knows what a platform Idol has been and will always appreciate it. "I'm glad that they let me go because I know that everything that's coming after this show is about to be amazing."

And what an amazing ride he's been on. "I've grown physically, mentally, emotionally and I'm taking all that away with me."


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