Justin Bieber Faces Animal Cruelty Accusation for Having Pet Monkey

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Justin Bieber's monkey troubles continue, as he now faces accusations of animal cruelty from an animal rights organization.

Justin's monkey, Mally, was taken away from him by customs officials when he snuck the pet aboard his private jet.

Mally is spending time at a German animal shelter, but a German animal rights organization, Animal Public, "demand punishment for Justin Bieber because he no respect some animals protection laws."

On Animal Public's website, they note that Justin shouldn't get the monkey back (he's got four weeks to provide documentation), and that his actions should be considered as animal cruelty.

Laura Zimprich, spokesperson for Animal Public explains, "Monkeys are not pets. Separating a capuchin monkey from his fellow monkeys and raising him at home is not right for this type of animal. The animal will develop serious behavioral disorders. Mally is only 14 weeks old. To separate him from his mom and to take him on tour as a living stuffed toy can only be characterized as animal cruelty."

What do you think of Justin owning a monkey?



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