Selena Gomez Reportedly Thinks Justin Bieber is Using Her to Save His Image

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Is that why he wants her back?

Selena Gomez on the red carpet at Kids Choice Award.
Selena Gomez
is over helping Justin Bieber!

According to a new report on, Selena is tired of saving Justin and thinks he's using her to save his image.

"Selena is tired of saving Justin, and she is worried that he is using her to look more stable than he really is," the site says.

Recently, Selena's been booked for awesome movies and has been having all kinds of fun with her friends while Justin has been touring in Europe dealing with all kinds of weirdness and drama!

"She wants to move on and he's just wildly in love with her, but he needs to relax. She's worried that he wants to use her to look like he's more stable than he really is because he's losing fans. He told her he looks like and is a better guy with her. But she is tired of saving him when he's gone off the rails," a source close to Jelena told

Hmm! We could see how that could be true! But wouldn't it hurt Selena's image if she got back with him?!

What do you guys think? Does Justin want Selena back to save his image?

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