What's 'American Idol' Alum Paul McDonald Advice for Current Finalists?

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The season 10 finalist gives tips to the current contestants on the show Nikki Reed performing with husband Paul McDonald.American Idol alumni Paul McDonald knows what it's like to make the final round of the show and face the intense pressure that comes with it.

He was a season 10 Idol finalist who placed 8th overall and now, the singer is sharing his advice for the remaining 7 contestants on the hit show.

"Just stay true to yourself," Paul tells us. "That's the toughest part about that show. They try to put you in different clothes and make you into something you're not. You have to sing a certain song they want you to sing or you have to dance the certain way they want you to dance or whatever, and I think just stick to your guns. In the long run, if you're true to who you are, it comes across much better than trying to be somebody else."

As for how he thinks the new judges are doing, Paul says his wife Nikki Reed watches Idol more than he does, but believes it was smart to shake up the panel.

"I haven't watched too much of it but I know the producers of the show are genius," he explains. "I've heard of them causing a big stir and the fights between Nicki [Minaj] and Mariah Carey so it seems to be extremely good tv."

Catch Paul and Nikki together in their new duet 'The Best Part'.


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