Amanda Bynes vs. Perez Hilton: Battle of the Bad Photos

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Amanda Bynes posts an embarrassing photo of Perez Hilton after he wrote an article about her...see how Perez got even. First, Amanda Bynes said she was suing Us Weekly...and now, she's threatened to post personal photos of any bloggers who write about her.

In a recent tweet, the former Nickelodeon star asked that only her Twitter photos be used to accompany any articles written about her.

She then warned, "I'm putting a photo up of everyone writing articles about me from now on. I ask you to choose photos from my twitter so I'll do the same."

And if anyone thought this was just an idle threat, Amanda proved that she meant business when she posted an unflattering photo of Perez Hilton after he published an article about her.Amanda Bynes

Wanting to ensure he got the message, Amanda tweeted Perez, saying, "I don't want u to follow me or to be mentioned on ur twitter or site. Anytime u write an article about me I lose respect for u!"

Well, Perez certainly wasn't going to let Amanda to push him around.
The celebrity blogger fired back with a photo of his own, which had Amanda's tweet embedded and showed a disheveled Amanda making an extremely unattractive face.

As of right now, Amanda is yet to post a photo response to Perez, but she did write, "Imitation is the highest from [sic] of flattery :D."

We can't wait to see what other photos surface during this battle of the bad pics!

Do you think Amanda has a right to tell the media which photos they can and cannot use?



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