Kim Kardashian Hates Her New Hairstyle

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Does Kim Kardashian regret cutting bangs? See the surprising thing she said about them... Kim KardashianUh oh! Looks like Kim Kardashian made a long-lasting style mistake.

The 32-year-old reality star recently debated whether or not to cut bangs in a series of videos she posted to her Keek account.

In one, she asks her mom and a friend what they think and the votes are split.

Finally, Kim says she just feels like she needs a change and decides to go for it.

At the time, Kim seemed to love her blunt bangs, but after having them for less than a month she already seems to have had change of heart, wishing they would just grow out already!

On Saturday, Kim posted a self-portrait on her Instagram with the caption "Please grow out bangs!
You're officially bugging me!"

She also recently posted other messages about how she was "hiding" her bangs, saying that she's "over them."

Well, that was quick!

Probably best not to make a big decision like that when you've got pregnancy hormones messing with your emotions, but what's done is done!

Are you a fan of Kim's bangs or do you hate them as much as she does?

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