Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker Twitter Fight: One Direction vs. The Wanted Feud Continues

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Read the latest Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker tweets--fighting again?

Louis Tomlinson getting measured for his wax figure.

Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker got into quite the Twitter fight yesterday--who won in this latest installment of the ongoing One Direction vs. The Wanted feud?

First up, how did Louis and Tom's fight even start?

Louis and the 1D guys mentioned their fight with The Wanted at a concert over the weekend (video below) and Tom got wind of it, taking to Twitter to kick things off in a heated war of words.

Tom tweeted: "You even talk about us at your own gigs. Are you that upset you didn't get in this band?"

Louis was quick with a comeback, tweeting, "Pal, we both know I wouldn't waste my time auditioning for your band. You humour me with your bad boy persona."

Lou further dissed Tom, writing: "Uh oh. The Wanted's Tom Parker: My failed X Factor audition shattered me"

Tom responded: "Yes @Louis_Tomlinson, I don't need to call producers to beg my way on to a track over my "friends" #crybaby #loyalty #louisgottalent."

Louis didn't back down, writing: "Interesting you have to entertain your many followers with lies. I actually think you could be the biggest twat on twitter"

Even Liam Payne got in on the action, tweeting: "Hey Tom lets talk about your singing your amazing tone pierces my ears with every note. p.s. tweet out when you have someone to speak to our drummer has more followers than you."

After Louis mentioned that The Wanted would be getting some press attention out of this little Twitter session, Tom tweeted to Louis: "@Louis_Tomlinson I'll enjoy the press even more when you come clean #narnia #itgetsbetter."

It's worth a mention that The Wanted's Jay McGuiness tweeted a lengthy message to Louis, writing: "Dear Louis Tomlinson, please stop mentioning us in your gigs, we certainly no longer mention you and it's time to let dead dogs lie.

Your passive-aggressive style of speaking makes me cringe, and I wish you'd either have the b*llocks of some of your co-workers to speak truthfully, or the class of the majority of them to be silent.

I'm not sure what's happened since we saw you at the XFactor, but you've done a sterling job of becoming one of the most overrated, arrogant and not to mention insincere people around.
Your shocking lack of talent will only be forgiven by lots of humility and no-strings-attached friendship among your band.

Louis, don't measure your worth in followers or money, because they're fickle, and when they go you might just feel worthless"


Anyone else wishing this battle of the boy bands would just simmer down already?




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