'The Carrie Diaries' AnnaSophia Robb: "Carrie Is Mourning That Lost Relationship" (EXCLUSIVE!)

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What advice would Anna give to her character, Carrie?

It's finale time!

AnnaSophia Robb from The Carrie Diaries stopped by to chat with us about the season finale and gave some advice to her character, Carrie.

"Carrie is getting ready to go to prom," AnnaSophia told us about tonight's finale. "She doesn't have a prom date because her and Sebastian broke up in the episode before. But while Carrie is mourning that lost relationship, Dorrit has found new love."

Like any other teen show, The Carrie Diaries connects to young viewers. "I'm really happy as an actress that we can push boundaries in TV," said AnnaSophia. "I think with Walt's character [struggling with his sexuality], it's relatable to a lot of young people."

Having had a great high school experience herself, AnnaSophia feels "lucky to portray real relationships with people instead of those bratty stabbing-people-in-the-back relationships" she feels are prevalent on most shows.

Speaking of real relationships, do AnnaSophia and her cast mates get along well? "We all have tight friendships. We go on Instagram and look at little animals and food," she told us. (We'll take that as a Yes.)

With all of the chaos in Carrie Bradshaw's fictional life, AnnaSophia had some advice for her. "I'd tell her to calm down and not stress out so much," she said. "Enjoy New York and things will fall into place."

Don't forget to catch the season finale of The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 on the CW!

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