'The Host' Stars Max Irons and Jake Abel Talk Stephenie Meyer's Coolness (WATCH!)

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What's it like working with someone as awesome and famous as Stephenie Meyer?!

Well, that's what we were dying to know when we met up with The Host actors Max Irons and Jake Abel.

Both actors opened up about meeting the famous Twilight and The Host author and how they were taken back by how cool and trusting she was.

Worried they'd misinterpret Steph's new characters, Max and Jake were satisfied when she told them she picked them for the movie because she liked how they interpreted Jared and Ian from the get-go.

Hey, it worked for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

Watch our quick segment with the two stars above and click here to see more of our interview with them!

Was The Host as good as Twilight?

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