'The Voice' Recap, 'SNL' Edition: Casey Battersix Gets Her Big Break

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Check out this hilarious SNL skit where Melissa McCarthy plays a contestant trying to make it on The Voice. SNL does 'The Voice' On last night's episode of The Voice, contestant "Casey Battersix," completely blew all four of the judges away.

While she may only be a trailer hitch switcher by occupation who lives in a hole in the ground in an undisclosed location, we knew that Casey had something magical as soon as she stepped on stage in her red flannel and biker t-shirt.

Immediately after she started her song, "Don't Mess with My Toot Toot," Adam Levine recognized Casey's superstar potential as well, and turned his chair as he jammed to the beat.

Not wanting to miss out on the incredible opportunity that was in front of her (well, actually behind her because she hadn't turned her chair yet), Shakira hit her button and got in the game as well.

Usher and Blake Shelton were a little gun shy at first, but eventually they also realized that Casey had something special, so they turned their chairs, too.

When she had all four judges movin' to the beat (actually, make that three...Usher was committed to his signature pose and didn't really move much), Casey stopped singing mid-song, simply telling them she was "done."

Adam jumped in with the first question for Casey, asking her if she'd ever sung in front of people before. A little unsure of how he had already forgotten her performance, Casey reminded him that she had just finished singing...so, obviously she's sung before!The Voice judge Usher is played by an SNL cast member

Usher takes his turn with Casey next and in an unprecedented move, he puts BOTH legs up in an attempt to impress her. But even that isn't enough to get Casey to commit.

Shakira chimes in next and there is a clear breakdown of communication between the two.

Finally, Blake jumps in and tries to convince Casey that she's pure country material. In fact, every question Casey answers, Blake tells her that her answer is totally country.

When it comes time for Casey to choose, she struggles a bit before making her decision. Finally, after giving it a lot of thought, she decides to go with...Cee Lo Green?!

All right, so this particular Voice audition was really just an SNL skit, and "Casey Battersix" was actually played by the host, Melissa McCarthy, but the whole thing was absolutely amazing!

The SNL cast nails each of the individual judges' quirks and they're all so committed to their characters, it is definitely worth a watch...or two! There is just too much good stuff to catch it all the first time around.

Check out the video below and tell us which part of this fake audition was your favorite.



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