'The Voice' Season 4 Blind Auditions Part 5 Recap: King of the Four-Chair Turn

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Find out who finally defeated Adam Levine during a four chair turn... The Voice judges
On part five of The Voice blind auditions, we were introduced to eleven new hopefuls.

First up was 28-year-old Jeff Lewis from Texas who won Usher over by singing one of his songs. Although Blake Shelton and Shakira turned for Jeff, too, Usher had that one in the bag.

Next up was 45-year-old Shawna P from Alabama, who wanted to show people that it's never too late to pursue your dreams.

Her raspy rendition of "She Talks to Angels" got both Shakira and Adam Levine to turn.

Ultimately, Shawna decided that Shakira would be the best fit for her and joined her team.

The next contestant to take the stage was Caroline Glazer, a singer/songwriter who is only 18 years old.

Both Blake and Shakira turned for the Indie Folk singer and Usher debated hitting his button, but decided not to.

When Blake told Caroline he could tell she was a songwriter by the way she sang, that sealed the deal and she decided to join his team.

The next contestant, Cameron, had a little too much movement in his performance for the judges to be able to appreciate his voice and none of them turned their chairs.

Michael Austin aka "Big Country," took the stage next and had a much better experience.

Although everyone thought Blake had this one locked down, he didn't turn for Michael and Adam got to add the country singer to his team.

Michael was followed by 30-year-old Sasha Allen from New York, who achieved the first four chair turn of the night!

Adam, who prides himself on winning the four-chair turns, kept his streak going and secured Sasha on his team.

We went straight from a four chair turn with Sasha to a zero chair turn with the next contestant, Matt Cermanski, who picked a Katy Perry song, which was ultimately his demise.

In the end, it just didn't translate well and all of the judges agreed that it was a bad song choice.

The next contestant, Mary Miranda, came out and rocked a Selena song, which Shakira absolutely loved.

Usher and Blake turned their chairs as well, but this one definitely belonged to Shakira and everybody knew it.

As for Blake, he had a shoe-in with the next contestant, a country singer from Tennessee named Grace Askew.

Shakira turned for her as well, but Grace naturally decided that Blake was the perfect match for her.

Next up was Jane Smith whose personality was absolutely precious, but her song didn't get any of the judges to turn around.

The final contestant of the night was Ryan Innes whose soulful rendition of "Gravity" got all four judges to turn.

So, did Adam come out on top of this one, too? Nope!

The reigning champ of the four-chair turn was finally defeated by Usher...but Adam did mention that he might try to steal him later on!

Uh oh...Usher better watch his back!

What was your favorite performance from part five of The Voice blind auditions?



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