Did Harry Styles Have a Crush on Taylor Swift Before He Was Famous?

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Find out what he reportedly told his friend while watching one of her videos back in '09!

Harry Styles on a red carpet.Did One Direction's Harry Styles have the hots for Taylor Swift before he even became famous?

You bet!

In a recent interview with the Sunday Mirror, Harry's pal, Nick Clough, admitted the 1D singer had a crush on T-Swift back in 2009, way before they met or he became famous, after seeing one of her music videos.

"He was like 'Oh my god, she's really, really good looking...I would do anything for a bit of that.' Then he went and got with her years later," Nick told the newspaper about Harry's first Taylor encounter. (The same thing happened with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, and that didn't end well either.)

Harry's BFF also spilled that Harry got like every girl in high school. Surprise, surprise!

"He had a lot of girlfriends through our school years. None of the girls said no to him," Nick recalled.

Harry apparently knows how to swoon girls over too.

Whenever he had girlfriends he'd get them flowers and take them for meals. He used to cook candlelit dinners and give them gifts. He liked cooking."

Aww! Wonder what happened with Taylor then?

Do you think it's funny Harry had a crush on Taylor before they even met?

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