Niall Horan Dating Zoe Whelan? Niall and Zoe Shoot Down Rumors

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Are Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan dating?

Niall Horan twitpic with Zoe Whelan.Are Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan secretly dating?

After rumors of Niall and Zoe being a couple started swirling, both took to Twitter to deny they're dating.

A source told The Sun that Niall and Zoe had been secretly dating for months, saying, "Niall has been secretly seeing Zoe for a couple of months after he met her backstage...Zoe's traveled all over the UK to meet up with Niall on the band's tour."

The source added, "But the biggest sign he's really serious about her is that he introduced her to his whole family at his brother's wedding."

Sounds serious enough.

A fan was able to get to the bottom of the dating buzz by asking Niall about it on Twitter, tweeting, "@NiallOfficial do u have a secret girlfriend or is it a rumor bc personally i think u want me idk"

Niall replied, "I don't!"

If you needed further proof, Zoe also denied that she and Niall are together, tweeting, "No, me and Niall are not dating."

She took plenty of heat from fans over the rumors, enough so to delete her Twitter account after writing, "Now I've settled the rumours you can all go back to your own lives. Please stop tweeting me rude things."


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