'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Waiting Game

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On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry finds out whether or not her boyfriend passed his Air Force entrance exam and Chelsea Houska debates taking some time off of school. Teen Mom 2 starsOn this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans is facing drug charges stemming from her domestic violence incident with Gary Head.

Jenelle can't believe why she got charged during the whole incident, but when her Gary handed her drugs over to the police, they both got charged with possession.

Now, Jenelle has to go to court to see if she will be convicted of the charges or not.

When her court date arrives, the case gets postponed and Jenelle's future is hanging in the balance once again...but at least she has on-again, off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp by her side!

As for Kailyn Lowry, she is waiting on some very important results, too, but of a very different kind.

Her boyfriend, Javi Marroquin, is taking his Air Force entrance exam and if he passes, they are going to get married so they can get more benefits.

When Kailyn finds out that Javi passed, she's thrilled and is excited to get married, but she wants Javi to propose and make things official before they take that major step in their relationship.

Javi promises her that she will get exactly what she wants and in the next episode teaser, we see him getting down on one knee.

Leah Messer (Calvert), who already legally tied the knot at the courthouse, is now starting to plan her wedding ceremony that family and friends will attend.

Now that she has started talking to her real dad again, she wants him to walk her down the aisle along with her step-dad, but she's not sure how either of them will take the news.

Fortunately, they are both fine with it and just want what's best for Leah, so she is going to have two "dads" walking her down the aisle.

Chelsea Houska is extremely lucky in that her real dad (Randy Houska) is very involved in her life and has been her sounding board and a sense of stability throughout.

Chelsea looks to him again when she is thinking of taking a leave of absence from beauty school because she needs to move (again) and the stress is really starting to get to her.

While Randy isn't happy, he says it is ok as long as she promises to return after her leave, because he fears that once she takes some time off, she'll never go back.

Chelsea agrees and decides to take a month off of school.

Hopefully she holds up her end of the bargain!

Do you think Chelsea will go back to beauty school?



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